Seg makes e-commerce marketing easy

Seg collects and analyses your customer's behaviours and preferences, making it easy for you to target your marketing using the software you already use, so you can make more revenue and keep your customers happy.

  • Track your customers everywhere. On your website and how they engage with your marketing, automatically and in real-time.
  • Understand your customers buying preferences and behaviours individually and get the tools to leverage on it.
  • Automatically suggested customer segments for you to email.
  • Works with your existing software. Like MailChimp, Salesforce and Trello. Don't switch, supercharge them instead.
  • Over 50 automated marketing workflows proven and waiting to be turned on, designed for e-commerce

All backed up by our friendly e-commerce experts you can speak to. Each expert has taken an e-commerce business from start-up to multi-million turnover and knows how to get growth.

1-click connect to the software you already use

500 more!

Straight forward to segment & personalise your emails

Once you've connected your MailChimp account to Seg you'll be able to:

  • Target your emails based on order / web browsing history easily & lots more
  • Email automatic customer segments which have all been proven to deliver to results
  • Explore your customer database with our easy to use segment builder
About our Segmentation capability

Segment and personalise a MailChimp email in 30 seconds

Stress-free marketing automation

Seg is the brain behind your e-commerce data and we use workflows to tell all the software you currently use, what to do.

Whether you want to email your customer service team when your best customers lapse or you want to send a basket recovery email, we have it covered.

  • Workflows guaranteed to increase sales
  • Build workflows unique to you. Whatever you can think of, Seg can probably do.
  • Automation beyond email. Contact customers and track campaigns using other communication mediums easily.

All with experts on hand to make sure you get the support & results you want.

Awesomely powered by Zapier.

About our Automation capability

Create a basket recovery email workflow in 2 minutes flat

Talk to your customers in new ways

Generate new ways to make revenue from your customers with the customer knowledge Seg generates and the connections to other online software Seg provides

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We've been using Seg for two years now and it's totally transformed how we market to our customers in ways we could not even think of before.

We now acquire and retain 37% more customers every week, which has had a real impact on the growth of our business as you'd imagine!

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Guaranteed results with our experts

It's our personal mission to help e-commerce companies grow their businesses. We've been there, done it and know how hard it is. We've grown multi-million e-commerce businesses from scratch and we're here to help you do the same.

We will provide you with full access to our experts during your first 30 days to get you off on a flying start and guarantee that our software will increase your profit and revenue. If you don't get an increase in revenue of at least DOUBLE what Seg costs, we will give you another month free and an additional 30 days accesses to our experts to get it right.

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