Our story & why we've built Seg

Seg started when we were running our own e-commerce store (2004-today). Customers would come and go, we would not know why, and to top it off 95% of traffic would not convert into orders.

Painful stuff.

Then there was the matter of the cost of the software on offer. The industry was, and still is, full of companies in the e-commerce marketing software space that are very happy to charge a lot of money per annum easily.

That's not to say that thier software is bad, not at all, we're sure it's great. But there had to be some option that had some profit left in it for us! It turns out there's not. Not if you wanted something truly useful.

We're on a mission to change that.

We've built Seg so that your small/medium, hopefully growing business has access to marketing software and capability usually reserved for your larger competitors (who can afford the software on offer by these more enterprise focussed providers), for a fraction of the cost.

It needs to be super easy, as well as affordable.

So we've baked that right in to our software (check out what we do in both our Segment and Automate plans to see what we mean). We also offer something rather unique to go with it: we'll actually help you get set up with Seg. Anything you need. We really do want your businesses to be a success.

Great, but who are you guys?

We're ex-engineers, we're customer (and data) driven guys and we've built an online retail business from zero to a multi-million $ turnover company in 3 years with no capital, and it's still growing 10 years later.

We've built Seg so that you can easily tap into the wealth of data the hides in your existing systems. Then you can begin to setup revenue generating, customer respecting, workflows that grow your business, and make your customers happier along the way!

Your customers are at the heart of your past and future success, and we have the software and support to unlock them.


Lee & Dave - Founders

"The best way to get something done is to begin"

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