Discover new ways to reach, retain and recover your customers

Automation is more than just email. Make your communications super personalized with 100+ different triggers and unlimited actions to choose from. Send basket recovery emails. Trigger tasks. Send SMS. Surprise customers with an offer based on what they do on your site. Update details in your database.

We connect to 500+ popular apps

Design custom marketing workflows & communicate with your customers automatically.

Easily turn on any amount of our 50+ pre-built workflows from basket recovery emails to more sophisticated customer retention workflows.

Our pre-built workflows are in Zapier and are just waiting to be turned on.

View the full list at Zapier

Talk to your customers in new ways

Generate new ways to make revenue from your customers with the customer knowledge Seg generates and the connections to other online software Seg provides

Co-ordinate your communications across channel

When you have automated emails going out, with newsletters and transactional emails, sometimes customers get too many emails all of a sudden, and that's the best outcome. Sometimes they get notified of a sale soon after placing an order!

With Seg's customer protection feature you can delay, re-schedule or cancel an email to avoid this. It also works well when contacting the customer via adifferent medium, like SMS or calling them.

Also great for B2B e-commerce & lead gen

Do you have high value customers that you need to look after?

Create workflows based on when customers leave your website, or don't come back for a specific amount of time and get talking to them.

With Seg you can:

  • Create a task in Trello to call a high value, lapsed customer
  • See what pages your high value leads are looking at your website, in real-time
  • Automatically send an email or SMS to try and retain your customers
  • Seperate out your regular customers from your higher value trade customers in your email marketing
  • and so much more...

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