If your customers are the lock, then Seg is the key

Seg takes your e-commerce, website and email data and creates clever, insight rich profiles for each and every customer.

Everything they do in a live timeline

Their buying preferences

Things we know about them

Automatic country detection

All past orders

How does Seg do this?



Seg takes your e-commerce data directly from your store as it happens, including all web traffic, products viewed, orders placed and more.



Seg processes it in real time and generates clever, insight rich profiles of every visitor on your website.



You can then segment your emails and other marketing as well as create automated workflows. Or you can use our helpful suggested segments and pre-built workflows to get you started.

We track everything, even across devices.

Customers today use all manner of devices, flitting between them as the day goes by. Seg tracks all of this and stitches it together automatically into a single view of what each and every customer is doing.

We identify your customers automatically.

Whenever a customers of yours enters their email address anywhere in your website, Seg automatically identifies them. This works really well when you have things like newlsetter signup forms, Sumo Me type plugins, or login forms.

The reason we do this is because we want to know as much about the people on your mailing list as possible, an email address alone is not that useful, you want to know what their buying preferences are so you can get the first order. And now you can, automatically.

Get started today with friendly, expert support on hand

Seg connects to every e-commerce platform. Even if you get stuck, our friendly and fast experts can help.