Email Segmentation Done Right

We make your marketing easier. We provide pre-made customer segments, designed especially for e-commerce businesses, proven to improve results. You can also build custom segments based on what your customers actually do.

Get started with our ready-made customer groups

Knowing where to get started with segmentation is hard. We've solved that with our unique automatic segments that we constantly keep updated including:

  • Lapsed customers
  • Never ordered
  • Buying preferences
  • Country
  • Lifetime value
  • and so much more...

Don’t waste time learning new software, supercharge MailChimp instead

Seg is built to complement MailChimp and with our ‘1-click publish’, targetting your customers cleverly could not be easier.

This means that you can continue to build and send emails with MailChimp, using Seg for choosing who should get your emails and reporting correctly the sales result of your Campaign.

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Segment and personalise a MailChimp campaign in 30 seconds

Explore new ways of marketing by exporting your segments

Segmenting your customers is not just for email. Why not segment & export your customers and try the following marketing activities:

  • Facebook/Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Direct mail
  • SMS
  • Phone call

Seg allows you to download your customer segments using CSV so you can import them into any platform.

"Within a few hours of signing up we sent our first email to our lapsed customers. That email campaign had revenue equivalent to what we normally make in two months!

Now we automate it using Seg instead, so it works every day perfectly making revenue 24/7/365."

Anna Spratley, Business Development Director, Bath & Unwind

Discover your customer's preferences & behaviours

Use the segment builder to explore your customer database so that you can create marketing campaigns your customers will love.

Questions our segment builder can answer in seconds:

  • “How many customers do I have who love a certain brand on my site”
  • “How many customers do I have who are from a specific country and have spent more than $150”
  • “How many customers do I have who have spent over $100 but haven’t shopped for 8 months”

We can also include data unique to your business. If for example your business makes the distinction between a ‘shoe’ and a ‘wellington boot’ customers, you could ask:

  • “How many customers do I have who are ‘shoe’ customers that love the category ‘high heels’”

Understanding these customer segments lets you get creative with your campaigns and stop sending content to customer who have no interest in what you are mentioning.

About our customer profiles

Get to know your customer, even before they buy

Before a customer even signs up with you we track what they do on your site. The second they provide their email address (on any location on the site or through ordering) we can tell you all the actions that customer has taken on your site. Ever.

This means that before the customer even places an order with you, we can tell you what their buying preferences are. You can use these buying preferences to send them relevant onboarding and acquisition emails which will increase revenue.

Works with:

Segment on purchase history & so much more

Our segmentation builder gives you more options than ever before. You can segment by:

  • Brands and categories they love (even without an order)
  • Email activity (or not!)
  • Purchase history (specific items if you need it)
  • Lifecycle status (active, in-active etc...)

Go as detailed as you need. Our custom segment builder allows you to create nested conditions, meaning no matter what your requirement is, you can build the segment.

Measure your sales, even across devices

We’ve all done it, as a customer you get a great marketing email on your phone and a few hours later you decide to place and order on your desktop or tablet, without clicking the email on that device. As a marketer, could you say that the email you sent trigged that sale? Certainly.

We uniquely report this. We know of nobody else who does.

What you will find is that when you take this into account, you actually make a lot more from email marketing than you think (everyone else only records a sale as 'click and buy on same device'). We typically find that businesses actually make 300% more from email than they first thought.

Never annoy your customers again

There is nothing more annoying than a company that sends irrelevant and too frequent emails. This soon leads to customers unsubscribing and poor results.

Never over send again. Seg can prevent you from over emailing any single customer. Simply specify the maximum number of emails you want to send your customer in a month or week and no matter how many emails you send, Seg will automatically stop you from over contacting the customer.

Welcome window. First impressions count. When a customer first joins your mailing list, Seg will give the ability to provide a tailored welcome series of emails and not expose them to your regular marketing.

PS: This feature can also work with your automated marketing as part of our Automate plan.

Get started today with friendly, expert support on hand

Seg connects to every e-commerce platform. Even if you get stuck, our friendly and fast experts can help.